venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Force binding update for a TextBox

The TextBox control updates the Text binding source only when it looses focus.

When you are writing in a TextBox and you press a button in the ApplicationBar, the focus not changes and your MVVM property doesn't update.

The workaround is to force the binding update like this:
var focusedElement = FocusManager.GetFocusedElement();
var focusedTextBox = focusedElement as TextBox;

if (focusedTextBox != null)
    var binding = focusedTextBox.GetBindingExpression(TextBox.TextProperty);
    if (binding != null)

sabato 7 settembre 2013

Install Nokia Pro Camera with Amber

If you can't download Nokia Pro Camera like me...

Here an easy workaround:
  1. Change your phone region and language to United States
  2. Connect to a WiFi network
  3. Under Settings - WiFi, click on the WiFi network you are connected to
  4. Switch 'Proxy' to on. Now type "" into "Server/URL". In "Port", type in "8888"
  5. Go to the Store and click on 'Nokia Collection'
  6. Download Nokia Pro Cam
  7. When the download started, turn Proxy off
  8. Set your phone region back to normal, and Restart.

martedì 3 settembre 2013

The Next Chapter: Microsoft and Nokia

"Important news today: an agreement for Microsoft to purchase Nokia’s Devices & Services business, to deliver more choices, faster innovation, and even more exciting devices and services to our customers."

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